Friday, April 20, 2012

Told you so: RfR bandwagon heading East soon

Check this out from today’s West Australian Newspaper – Windsor calls for mine tax cash for bush.

It looks like future MHR Brendon Grylls might have the rug pulled from his plan to lead a Royalties for Regions balance-of-power block vote after the next Federal election.

In Run Brendon, run (not for Forrest), I predicted that Mr Grylls will take his bold, “I’ll form government with any majority party as long as they promise to adopt our RfR policy” attitude to Federal Parliament as the Member for Pearce next year after losing his bid for the State seat of Pilbara.

However, given that the current balance-of-power Member for New England Tony Windsor reportedly said yesterday, "Why shouldn't a bit of the MRRT go to regional areas," Mr Grylls might find a version of his Royalties for Regions plan already in place before he has a chance to get to Canberra and take the credit he personally deserves.

Watch this space...

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