Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Exclusive: Minister's "Hardship Tariff" policy mysteriously disappears

Here’s an interesting little message we received recently:

Dear Editor,
Thank you for your continued analysis of WA politics. We really like the way you tell the truth, which brings me to why I’m writing.
I am involved with an organisation [anonymised: ed.] that was contacted by a journalist at the West Australian several months ago asking for an official comment in response to a new policy that the Government was apparently going to announce within days. The journalist provided only the bare minimum of information but said the Minister for Energy was going to announce a new, reduced electricity tariff for low income households.
A formal, “on the record” response in support of the new policy was provided to the journalist within the time requested but the announcement never came...

More at: Exclusive: Minister's "Hardship Tariff" policy mysteriously disappears

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