Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Don't take it personally...

A personal insight today - words are very important to me.

Below is a photo I took and the words that followed while I was in the Czech Republic:

In Prague, the Jewish Quarter as it is now known, was preserved by the invading Nazi rulers in 1942 with the intention to use it as a “museum of an extinct race”. The cemetery contains around 20,000 gravestones and the remains of many, many more victims of the attempted genocide.

As a visitor to the memorial, I was not only confronted by the horror of the depths of human behaviour but also inspired by examples of the very best. Upon many of the gravestones, those who had walked before me left prayers written on small folded pieces of paper weighed down with rocks from the crumbling ruins.

While words on pieces of paper seemed futile at the time, in retrospect I realise we have no greater weapon in our fight for peace, justice and freedom.

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