Saturday, March 17, 2012

Response to the West Australian Inside Cover

Dear Mr Quekett c/o The West Australian Inside Cover,

Just a short reply to your little piece today:

Yes, I've been around politics for a long time and have also had my fair share of business and broader life experiences. And yes, I currently provide a uniquely frank and fearless style of political commentary via my Quick Brown Fox blog as well as political insight and strategy privately to paying clients of my business Squeaky Wheel.

However, I thought I would just provide a quick brown response to your advice regarding how my current open style of commentary might jeopardize my former aspirations to become an elected representative of the people. Sadly, I think you are right - our current political culture does not reward people with the courage to stand up to the mindless machine that is sometimes our parliament. Given that is the case, I'm proud to no longer qualify for the club.

And Malcolm, a little advice in return - shame on you for wasting your precious column space reinforcing the ethos of mediocrity we currently find ourselves drowning in. I had hoped you might have the balls to help me change the paradigm, not just join the conga-line and condone it.

Yours sincerely,

Darren Brown


  1. There is always a place for mediocre polticians at the Western Australian Revolutionary Party (WARP), Darren.

    We aspire to and often reach mediocrity and will run on this platform at the next election. But in the meantime we'll be praying for the government

    The Official (WARP) Politician’s Prayer

    Our government, somehow elected,
    Delusion be our game.
    My god we’re dumb
    But there’s work to be done
    And blame to be deflected.
    Delay us today our daily decisions.
    And forgive us our empty promises,
    As we forgive those who make empty
    promises in response.
    And lead us not into innovation,
    But deliver us from progress.
    For we have the Ministers,
    With the power and the will
    To bullshit
    For ever and ever.



  2. I missed the inside cover piece but I'm sure glad your wrath is not directed at me.