Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I will not take any responsibility…

"I will not take any responsibility for decisions made by the previous government."
(Energy Minister Peter Collier quoted in Daniel Mercer's $100m Synergy billing system blowout, pg 3 The West Australian newspaper 9/05/12)

Fact 1
Peter Collier has been the Minister for Energy for 3 years and 7 months of a nominal 4 year term

Fact 2
Mr Collier was quoted saying this in response to the revelation that Synergy’s new billing system has so far cost $93.4 million, despite the original budget being $38.5 million.

Fact 3
Minister Collier claimed in 2009 that the system would save $75 million over five years

Fact 4
This budgetary mismanagement significantly adds to the cost of electricity and will eventually be recovered from Western Australian energy users through higher tariffs

Fact 5
Blaming the previous government after being the Minister for almost a full term is both insulting and unacceptable to Western Australian tax-payers. Taking responsibility for both the successes and failures of one's portfolio is a fundamental requirement of a Minister of the Crown.

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