Thursday, May 24, 2012

With friends like these…

Fatigue does a lot of strange things to people, but then again so does being shafted by slippery cowards. With that in mind, it’s hard to tell what was driving Upper House Liberal Liz Behjat late last night when she stood up to, um, “support” the Minister for Energy.

At 9:45pm, after a very long day in the comfy red chairs, the first termer chose to make a statement on Western Power and specifically in response to the committee report “Unassisted Failure” that had been discussed earlier in the day.

No big deal, just a backbencher supporting her ministerial colleague and self-declared friend. Yep, if only that was the end result. However, what Ms Behjat did do, was demonstrate some excellent research skills by dredging up comments made in the House by former ALP members and, well, end with this somewhat awkward point:
“He spoke those words 40 years ago, and nothing has changed! Western Power is still a law unto itself.”
Doh! That didn't come out right, or did it?

Whether it was a botched attempt to support the Minister or a very clever shot across his bow for his part in Ms Behjat’s recent pre-selection trauma, we may never know – but one thing is for sure… with friends like these, one probably doesn’t need half the enemies one has created for himself.

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