Monday, May 21, 2012

RfR 4 all (unless you’re a Liberal)

I got an email from another lovely anonymous person (I love those kind of emails) the other day who wanted to “correct” me on a number of assertions I have made in previous posts.

The core of this person’s grizzle was that I apparently had “no f#%^ing idea of the relationship between the Liberals and Nationals in Western Australia.”

Well, given the content of one of today’s wonderful anonymous tips, it looks like I will have to wear that criticism. It turns out that I didn’t know as much about the current state of the relationship as I thought. However, unfortunately for the author of last week’s “passionate” rant, today’s best anonymous email has suggested I actually don’t know how bad things are between the Government partners.

It seems there is a fair bit of Royalties for Regions “good news” (aka Nationals’ electioneering) being celebrated in the bush at the moment and not everyone is being invited to the ribbon cutting parties.

Actually, it might be more accurate to say that everyone other than Liberals are being invited…

I won’t go much further today, but let’s just say that the next few days might be very, very interesting in State politics – and depending on how it’s handled by those at the “highest levels of government” (sorry Peter but again, since this great interview, I just can’t stop using that wonderful phrase) we could have another independent Member of Parliament well before the next election.

If the brown stuff does hit the fan over this, it is nothing more than yet another consequence of this Government unnecessarily creating enemies from their former friends.

Watch this space.

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